Intensive Body Hydrator

Barrier repairing moisturiser with vitamin E, chamomile, ginseng and cucumber.

With a concentrated blend of aloe vera, botanical extracts, squalane and vitamin E, this rich body cream provides an indulgent moisturising experience. The fast-absorbing formula restores and nourishes the skin with a soft velvety finish. Especially ideal for dry or eczema- prone skin, daily use strengthens the skin’s protective barrier against dehydration and irritation.

Aloe vera gel, Chamomile and Cucumber extracts: These botanical ingredients provide soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Ginseng extract: Contains numerous bioactive compounds, including saponins, vitamins B1, B2, B12, pantothenic acid and minerals, which help to increase oxygenation and circulation for a healthy glow. In addition, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities help to protect skin from free radical damage.

Safflower oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it nourishes, moisturises and provides antioxidant benefits to the skin.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): Provides powerful antioxidant benefits and helps to moisturise and soothe the skin. An effective anti-aging ingredient, vitamin E also aids in skin rejuvenation.

Squalane: Derived from olives, squalane mimics the effects of natural sebum and supports the skin’s protective capabilities. It deeply nourishes dry skin and helps to protect against transepidermal water loss.

Apply to the entire body and massage into skin until absorbed, may be used several times a day, when necessary.

Size: 150g
Texture: Thick cream


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